It’s easier to find Berlin flights when you plan your trip way in advance. If you are planning to go to Berlin, you should set the date right away. The earlier you book Berlin flights the better.
When to Take Berlin Flights
Berlin flights are relatively more expensive when there are special events and special occasions. These are the dates when more tourists and travelers are mostly going to Berlin.
For instance, the Christmas season is normally one of the busiest seasons. So, don’t travel to Berlin from December 15 to December 31 if you want to save on Berlin flights. It’s also a passenger season from June 1 to August 31. That’s when the Green Week, Radio-TV Fair and the Love Parade are held.
If you want to avail of low fare Berlin flights you have to go to Berlin during shoulder season and during off season. Going to Berlin in the months of March to May and in the months of October to early November is a good idea.
There are relatively fewer tourists on these months. You also have the pleasant weather to look forward to. Not only will you be able to get cheaper flights, you will also be able to enjoy more tourists’ spots since there would be less long lines. And of course, hotels are relatively cheaper too.

More Tips on Taking Berlin Flights
It’s common knowledge that people generally travel during Fridays and Sundays. So you should travel in the middle of the week to save on fare.
It’s also a good idea to book round trip tickets. It’s usually cheaper to do so rather than buying one way tickets.
Since there are three airports in Berlin, you can experiment with different airports. Some Berlin flights are cheaper when you land in Schoenefeld, for example since smaller airports are generally hosts to the cheaper flights than bigger ones.
There are many airlines coming in Berlin so you would certainly have a lot of choices. You should check out as many airlines not only to save money but to find more convenient airports and accommodation as well.
If you want to arrive Berlin in style, then you should be checking the different perks you get from different airlines. While you will be paying more for your flight, you will also enjoy the nice treatment you will get while on board the plane.
Nevertheless, there are also some budget fare airlines that serve some freebies during the flight. You can also look for them and get the best value for your money.