You can get to and from Berlin by bus. And the best way to go sightseeing around the city is through a Berlin bus too. Most of this is due to the Berliner Vekehrsbetriebe or BVG for short.

About BVG
BVG operates the whole public transportation system of Berlin. It does not only provide the city and its visitors with buses. The company also operates the railway system and the ferry.
Since Berlin’s public transport system is one of the oldest in Germany, you can only expect the best service. Now the double-decker buses have become a landmark in the city of Berlin.
Today, BVG operates around 150 day buses and 54 night bus lines. All of which, you can rely on to bring you around the city safely day and night.

Berlin Buses to Take You around the City
You can usually take a Metrobus from one station to the next rail station. This Berlin bus is normally marked with M and a 2-digit number. You can rely on these buses to bring you to various parts of Berlin even to narrow and congested streets and districts.
The ExpressBus is marked with X and a number. If you want to take longer rides but can’t wait for too long, this Berlin bus is what you need. The double-decker ExpressBus picks up passengers every 5 minutes. And if you miss them, you can get on the smaller ExpressBus which passes by every 20 minutes.
If you are arriving through the Tegel Airport, you can take the JetExpressBus TXL. This will take you all through Alexanderplatz. This trip usually takes about 28 to 40 minutes depending on the time of day you are traveling.
The night buses are there too to take you around Berlin in the evening. This Berlin bus is marked N. Even at night these buses can still be relied upon on punctuality and service.
There are yet many more buses to take you around Berlin. Each group of bus lines generally covers certain districts of the city. For example, buses number 100 to 128 will take you to the districts Wilmersdorf, Zehlendorf, Reinickendorf and Spandau. Buses number 130 to 168 will take you to the districts Spandau, Treptow/Kopenick, Weibensee/Pankow and also around the urban rail ring.
Of course, there’s also the Tram. This Berlin bus boasts of excellent features. The Tram is comfortable, clean and wheelchair friendly. It’s even environment friendly too. So, you can really depend on the Tram buses to bring in punctuality, safety, reliability and speed as well.