If you want to travel to Berlin by train it’s quite possible through Berlin Hauptbahnhof station. The station is actually quite a site already so if it is your first time to Berlin you will be amazed by its size and by its beauty.
The Berlin Hauptbahnhof boasts its fourteen platforms which lead you to the other stations around Berlin. Berlin has well developed railways so you can definitely go around the city by train.

Berlin-Ostbahnhof Berlin Train Station

The Ostbahnhof Berlin Train station is among Berlin’s largest train stations. This station dates back to 1842 so it’s quite old. Nevertheless it is a very important station among Berlin trains. It serves as the start and the end of many intercity trains traveling to and fro western Germany. Many of the same ICE and intercity Berlin trains that stop in this station also stop at the Hauptbahnhof Berlin train station.
Although the main building of the station holds a shopping center that has two supermarkets, the Ostbahnhof is really not that of a must-see. Of course, if you like history there’s certainly history that goes with the station.

Gesundbrunnen Berlin Train Station

Gesundbrunnen Station is also among the largest stations in the city. It services the intercity Berlin trains to the Baltic coasts. The Gesundbrunnen also services the trains that pass through Hauptbahnhof going to Leipzig, Dresden and beyond. If you are traveling long distance North-South railway tunnel, you will more likely pass this station too.
Being a Berlin train main intercity station, Gesundbrunnen has a whole range of shops around it. However, one thing you will miss in the station is the toilet.

Spandau Berlin Train Station

The Spandau Berlin train station also services the intercity trains. If you are traveling to or from western Germany to any of the cities in Western Europe like Cologne, Hanover and Frankfurt you can also board or stop in this station.

Sudkruez Berlin Train Station

Sudkruez is one of the most important large Berlin train stations because trains running from north to south stop here. If you are traveling across Berlin this is one station you should be stopping in. If you are using the regional express lines RE3 and RE5, you could also stop here. There are a lot of parking spaces nearby so friends could meet you and have no problem with parking.

Berlin Trains You Can Use

If you want a high speed train, you can use the ICE or the Intercity Express. From Berlin you can travel in a very fast paced travel to other parts of Germany.
You can also use the Regional Express. This is a bit slower but you also get a lot more sites since these trains pass by smaller towns and villages. It is also cheaper to ride the Regional Express.
If you don’t want to waste a minute of your vacation, you can ride the night train. You can leave early evening and reach your destination come morning. For accommodations you can choose ordinary seats, comfortable sleepers and deluxe suites. This means you can also travel in the style you prefer even by train.