Travel to Berlin

Getting to Berlin is relatively quite easy

There are several ways to go to Berlin. You can go to Berlin by plane, by train and by bus.
The fastest mean of transport is the airplane, here there are three different Airport. You can choose between the Tegel Airport, the Tempelhof Airport and the Schoenefeld Airport

The Tegel Airport

First of all there’s the Tegel Tegel which is Berlin’s official international airport. It is quite a busy airport, with around 11 million travelers passing through annually.
The good thing about this particular airport, is its accessibility. In fact there are different ways to get there: You have a choice between the bus X9 and 109. You can also take the 128 or the TXL.

The Tempelhof Airport

Tempelhof is the oldest of the three airports and it is the smallest as well. But this airport is not to be underrated becuase you can get from and many European destinations. As the Tegel Airport, even this one is pretty easy to reach.

The Schoenefeld Airport

This airport services charter planes and low fare airlines. From Schoenefeld you can take the airport express, the train, the over ground or take the bus going to the other parts of the city. You can also use a rental car and take the A100 or the A113.
At the moment this airport is currently being renovated and expanded. And by 2011, Schoenefeld airport will be named as Berlin Brandenburg International.

Getting to Berlin by Train

Since you can particularly travel to almost all parts of Europe by train, you can definitely get to Berlin by train too. If you are coming from a nearby city or a neighboring country, it’s quite easy to go to Berlin by train,

Getting to Berlin by Bus

Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof station hosts a lot of buses coming from all over Europe. It doesn’t matter where you come from, getting to Berlin by bus is pretty simple.

Getting to Berlin by Car

If you want to go on an adventure, this is a good way to travel to Berlin. You would be able to see the sights and make a few stops whenever it suits you. Then you can enter in the city through the Berliner ring, A10. This Autobahn circles the whole city. In addition you can also follow the Berliner Stadtring A100 which half circles the city.