Berlin bus is an economical option to tour around the city as compared to the train. There are actually four companies to offer city tours on double-decker buses. These are Berliner Baren, Bus Verkehr Berlin, Severin & Kuhn, and Brolina Berlin-Service.
When you ride in any of these buses to tour around Berlin, you can expect to see the magnificent spots in the place with great comfort. Some of the bus tours you can choose from are the exciting bus tours, classic Berlin sightseeing tours, and three B-bus tours. The succeeding discussion presents the difference of the package included in every bus tour.

The Exciting Bus Tours

The Exciting Bus Tours will let you see and take pleasure in the highlights of the city of Berlin. The ride is guided by real “Berliners” who are trusted to know and love their city. No problem if your group is small or big because they offer individual tours to both of these—either business or private.
The trips given by Exciting Bus Tours can last to six or eight hours. Examples of places that are covered in these tours are Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and Bunkers of Berlin. Also included in their package are refreshing cold drinks to provide more relaxation.

The Classic Berlin Sightseeing Tours

Another bus to offer a tour is the Classic Berlin Sightseeing Tours. In this tour, you will not see the conventional sightseeing tour and the boring information given through a tape. If you want to join this tour, you are sure to see distinctive and exciting views that can last to two or five hours.This tour perfectly combines insider information and Berlin sightseeing. Here, you can expect to reach the historical places of the city center. Some of the spots you can reach by taking this tour are the following: East Side Gallery; Topographie des Terrors; Bellevue Castle; Brandenburger Gate; and Column of Victory.

The Three B-Bus Tour

Don’t you wonder what the “three B” stands for? Simple, three B stands for Bunker lunch, Brewery, and Berlin sightseeing. If you are traveling with your friends or cousins, this is the perfect tour you can consider.
If you prefer to join here, you can surely reach and witness the real underground picture of Berlin—the underground bunkers of the city. This Berlin bus tour provides interesting facts about the concealed underground including the Nazi account of the city. Certainly, you will find this tour as a tremendously unique experience.