One of the many ways you can travel in Berlin is through the use of the city’s vast and comfortable taxi services.

You Never Run Out of Taxi in Berlin
The Berlin taxi service is composed of several competing companies (competition is good for consumers, you know), bringing the number of taxis is this bustling city to about more or less a 7000 units strong force. This means you will almost always have a cab to hail or call any time of the day.
Taking a cab is very easy, you can just hail a cab from the curb, or call any of the Berlin taxi companies listen in the directory, and you’ll be lounging in a comfortable cream colored Mercedes Benz in no time. Berlin’s cabbies are also very polite, although a number are not very knowledgeable in English, so you may need to memorize some lines in German to make sure that you’re giving the right directions. It also helps to write down the destination on a piece of paper so that there is less confusion.
The standard flag-down fare is 2.50 euros, and then you pay 1.53 euros per kilometer for the first seven kilometers, and then every succeeding kilometer above that is 1.02 euros. There have been reports however of a price increase that makes the basic rate go up to 3 euros, then the per kilometer rate for the first seven kilometers becomes 1.58 euros, with the additional per kilometer rate becoming 1.20 euros.
Berlin taxi companies and their cabbies have been opposed to this increase, however, citing concerns to the decrease of passengers. So if you’re lucky, you might not be shouldering a fare increase after all.
Also, there is no extra charge if you call a taxi service.

Special Fare
There is also a special fare called a Kurzstreckentarif (which means “short trip”) which you can avail ONLY if you hail the taxi from the street and if you ask the cabbie for it. This special fare also only applies to trips that are 2 kilometers and below. The original rate was 3 euros, but due to the price increase, has jumped to 3.50 euros.
Travel in Comfort
Still, the fare rates aren’t so bad, and you get to ride in comfort and safety with a driver who knows the city well and can get you to your destination faster. Taking a Berlin taxi will enable you to travel hassle-free, and you don’t need to be jostling in crowds or asking for directions because a taxi can get you to where you want to go without you even needing to get out of the cab.