The city of Berlin in Germany is famous for its long and rich history. It was the seat of government during World War 2. Afterwards, it became a divided city between two ideologies: the capitalism in the western part and socialism at the eastern part. Many tourists flock Berlin to see not just the controversial Berlin Wall but also to explore other fascinating tourist spots.

Why Should You Go for Sightseeing Tours in Berlin

– You save time.
If you don’t have the luxury of time to explore Berlin, sightseeing tours can come in handy. Although it takes time to see the various museums, parks and others;you can at least see the major sights of the city by joining sightseeing tours.
– You save a lot of effort.
It can be very tiring to get lost while traveling. Anyway, there are benefits to getting lost like seeing something exciting along the way. Being in sightseeing tours would save you a lot of effort because all you have to do is sit in the bus and allow the tourist guide to talk about the places you visit.

Options for Sightseeing Tours

There are many tour companies in Berlin that you can choose from. You can check online and compare their package tours and prices. Some tours can cost as low as 7.50 euros for four hours, which is comparably cheap.
You also have different options. Do you want to tour individually or in a group? Oftentimes, these sightseeing tours also have different themes. If you only want to concentrate on Berlin sights or Jewish life in Berlin or the Third Reich sites or maybe concentration camps memorials? Or would you rather see a smaller town near Berlin called Potsdam and see the famous architecture? You can have whatever you want.

It is suggested that you go on sightseeing tours with a group because you will be with people who have the same enthusiasm as you. You can also meet interesting people. Moreover, being in a group assures you that you shall be provided a travel guide that can offer delicious insights into the city that you can’t read in your travel book.
Traveling to Berlin can become one of the nicest experiences in your European tour. It is said to be the greenest city in Europe and boasts of a multi-cultural flair that Berlin is unique for. After a day of sightseeing, you can even visit one of the popular disco bars in the city or eat in a local restaurant offering Berlin delicacies.