Moving to Berlin

If you are moving to Berlin, then you’ve certainly made a good decision. That is because Berlin is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe.  It is an international city that is buzzing with artistic activities and offers great opportunities.
But before you start packing your things and move to Berlin, there are things you need to prepare first so your stay in Berlin would be very pleasant.

Learn the Language

If you are moving to Berlin, then you better learn how to speak German and understand the language.  Although English is a second major language in Berlin, your first days in Berlin will be easier if you have a functional knowledge of the German language.
Berliners will generally understand you if you speak English.  However, you will remain a tourist if you will not imbibe the local language.  If you know how to speak and understand German, you will be able to communicate easily with the local authorities.

Secure Your Residency Permit

Securing a residency permit should be the first official business you need to do if you are planning to move to Berlin.  The bureaucracy is somewhat long winded so you better start processing your papers the moment you arrive in the city.
You are required to register with the local city authorities and submit your official papers. It is possible that you may have to translate these documents so that processing will not experience delay.  You must ensure that you can process your paper within three months of your arrival to Berlin.

Cost of Living in Berlin

The cost of living in Germany is high.  Surprisingly, the cost of living in Berlin is very affordable compared to other international cities like New York, London, Paris, or Moscow.  You can easily find affordable apartments within the city.
You should consult a local realtor if you want to stay in a villa or a single detached housing.  There are affordable housing units at the suburbs of Berlin.
There are also lots of cheap marketplaces in and around Berlin where you can buy everything you need.  You can also find affordable shopping malls in the city if you want to buy clothes, furniture, and other basic housing needs.
Moving to Berlin is probably one of the best decisions you can make.  The city is one of the great places in Europe that offers a cosmopolitan environment.  It has a rich historical legacy and it is also fast becoming the international center of arts, trade, and business.  The city can offer great opportunities for you and for your family.