Explore Berlin

Berlin is one the most exciting cities in Europe. It lives up to its reputation as an exhilarating, dynamic tourism hub. For one, the city’s art and culture scene is much more alive than before. The same goes for its shopping and dining scene. This is not to mention the city’s crazy nightlife, considered as one of Europe’s most electrifying and wildest. And since the government of Germany transferred here from Bonn, the city has been rallying to become the country’s and also Europe’s reborn capital.
Because Berlin is so spread out, you’ll need to do some research first about the things you want to do or sights you want to see before you head to this stunning city. It can be very overwhelming if you get there without a good travel plan to help you.
Getting to a so-so club when all the party is at the next club can be a real spoiler. Getting lost just because you’re not familiar with the city transportation is also a potential downer. And if you’re on a tight budget and hate crowded place, and you unwittingly visited Berlin on the tourist month, you’re certainly finished.  Again, in order for you to avoid all these troubles, do your homework.
You will depend on public transportation when you get around Berlin because of its sheer size. Limit your exploration to two or three (if your time permits) neighborhoods a day. So we suggest you get good maps of the city, which you can buy at news kiosks or bookstores. Get ones that offer comprehensive indexes and full-color detail. Make sure that you buy up-to-date maps that show the recent changes.
For more information about the city, go to the central rail station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof), open every day from 8 in the morning to 10 in the evening. You can also go to the tourist office at Neues Krarnzler Eck, located along the popular shopping boulevard, Kurfürstendamm,. This center is open Monday to Saturday from 10 in the morning to 8 in the evening, and Sunday from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening.