10 romantic things to do in Berlin

10 romantic things to do in Berlin

Berlin is a great destination for a romantic getaway. It’s a city full of culture, stunning architecture and parkland. The guide below provides 10 suggestions for some of the most romantic things you can do on a trip to Berlin.

Walk hand in hand along the river Havel

Hold hands and enjoy a walk along the banks of the River Havel. The time will ebb away as you take in the sights and enjoy each other’s company.


Enjoy amazing views at the Fernsehturm

There are plenty of good restaurants in Berlin but for the most memorable and romantic experience you can head for the Fernsehturm. You’ll get great views from this famous landmark restaurant.

Picnic in the grounds of Charlottenburg Palace

The Schloss Charlottenburg was built in the 17th century and its grand setting is ideal for a romantic day out. You can enjoy a picnic in the royal gardens and, for a truly memorable evening, dinner and a concert in the grounds.
Picnic in the grounds of Charlottenburg Palace

Stroll around Tiergarten

Enjoy the parkland with your partner at Tiergarten. You can marvel at the views and visit a café or beer garden here. The Tiergarten also has a large zoo with over 14,000 animals. Do it all and then sit down to share a romantic picnic.

Rent a tandem bike

Hop on a bike to take your time seeing the sights of Berlin. Rather than get individuals bikes you can make it a more romantic experience by hiring a tandem bike so you’ll always be close.

Share a kiss in front of the Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is perhaps the most famous landmark in Berlin. The gate is a symbol of freedom and unity and you can celebrate the positive vibes with a kiss!

Take in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

You can catch the amazing Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra as part of a dreamy evening. Before you go to listen to the powerful and moving music you can enjoy a romantic meal.

Cuddle up in the open air cinema

Take your loved one to the Kulturforum Potsdamer Platz or Friedrichshain Open Air Cinema. Cuddle up and watch a film at dusk. It’s best to book your seats, as the screenings are very popular.

Go on a sunset river cruise

One of the best ways to see Berlin is to do it by boat. Why not make your river tour even more romantic and hire a private boat for two?

Spend a day at Potsdam

Head out to the beautiful parks, hills, lakes and palaces at Potsdam. It’s about half an hour from the heart of Berlin and is a must-see for your trip.
Whether you met years ago London singles through friends, you and your partner are sure to find romance in Berlin.
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