When you talk of sports in Europe, as well as in large parts of South America and Africa, as well as some countries in Asia, there is no sport more popular than football.
With the World Cup being an highly anticipated event, despite it being held only once every four years, and with Germany being the country with the third most number of championships won (with only Italy and Brazil being on the higher spots), it is not surprising that Germany’s (and Berlin) football culture and industry is easily the most powerful and moving spot in the country and the city.

The Bundesliga is Germany’s premier football league, with its home base located right in Berlin itself – the Berlin Olympic Stadium. Games are either on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays, with the game starting at 8 pm, 3:30 pm and 6 pm respectively.
The league was established in 1963, with Hertha BSC Berlin as the city’s home team. They play at the Olympic Stadium every second week.
There are 24 soccer / football clubs in Berlin, all fiercely competitive and their matches are always a sight to see. There is nothing like watching teams duke it out on the field while thousands of fans cheer from the sidelines. The matches are especially jam packed with watchers when Hertha BSC Berlin plays Bayer Munich.
Tickets are easy to get and reasonably priced, but can prove difficult during matches between Hertha BSC Berlin and Bayer Munich.

Hertha BSC Berlin
The Hertha BSC Berlin is the premier club of the city, and Berlin football revolves around the successes and failures of this team.
The club was established way back in 1892, and was called BFC Hertha 92. The club was the top ranked in the country when the Bundesliga came into existence in 1963. It became the center, though, of many intrigues and scandals involving game fixing and the bribery of players during its early years in the Bundesliga. It also faced a massive financial problem in the mid 90’s but manged to get through. The team is slowly rising from the ashes though, which is why its games are well watched by many Berliners.
It is difficult to enclose the Berlin football culture in a nutshell, as the whole movement is very massive. Football is the premier sport in the city, and watching live games are always a great and unique experience.