Basketball is not actually the most famous sports in Germany. But if you do enjoy watching this very exciting game, then Berlin has something to offer you—the Berlin basketball!

Basketball the Berlin Way
Aside from seeing great museums and tracing the history of war, Berlin is also a nice place where you can see a heart-pounding game. Cheer all you want and shout as loud as you can with Berlin basketball! You may ask, what is the difference of watching basketball in Berlin compared in other countries?
There is actually no difference. Of course, the rules are still the same but you’ll get to watch your favorite sports in a very nice and perhaps a bigger sports complex. It is so nice also to observe how the Berlin people cheer for their basketball teams. Even if this is not as fascinating as the games in NBA, you’ll surely enjoy Berlin basketball too as long as you are a natural fan of the game.

The ALBA Berlin and the City’s Basketball

When the talk is about Berlin basketball, everyone will surely connect that to the ALBA Berlin. This is a very famous professional basketball club in Germany, which is also popularly called as Berlin Albatrosse. The team competes regularly in the Euroleague and the German League.
Not only that ALBA Berlin is popular, the team is also a good German team. In fact, they have won at least seven times in the German League. They also won five of the German Basketball Cups.
So if you happen to visit Berlin and want to watch the basketball in the city, consider watching the ALBA Berlin’s game.
Buying Your Berlin Basketball Tickets Online
It is best to reserve your Berlin basketball tickets online if you are still planning to go to the German city. You save some efforts falling in the long line and waiting for how many minutes before you can get your tickets. Besides, there are a lot of online stores for tickets where you can conveniently purchase your Berlin basketball tickets.
In buying your tickets online, identify first the match you want to watch. Then, check the website through using the major search engines in looking for basketball tickets. Check ticket prices from at least three different online stores and pick your best choice.
You can get the best deal if you buy your tickets in the earliest possible time. Try checking eBay also for some Berlin basketball tickets.
Some Online Ticket Buying Warnings
Although online transaction is convenient, you also need to beware. Make sure that the online store is secured and reputable. The site should have a seal of approval from Verisign, Better Business Bureau, or other similar organizations.
If you’re unlucky enough, you might end up getting a fake Berlin basketball ticket. Before you purchase, make sure you ask the event organizer on how you will know the authenticity of your ticket.