If you think that sports fans have no place in Berlin, you are sorely mistaken. Home to so many professional and amateur sports, Berlin has lived up to its reputation as one of the sports havens of the world beginning from when it hosted the Olympic Games way back in 1936.

The Berlin Olympic Stadium

Even though it was built for the city’s hosting of the Summer Olympics way back in 1936, the Olympic Stadium continues to be the pride of Berlin. Sports fanatics will be thrilled to watch live matches here, as this national structure has not only withstood the ravages of time but has adapted modern facilities and amenities to keep up with the changing times.
Of course, the highly popular German soccer league, the Bundesliga, calls the Olympics Stadium home. So if you are a big fan of soccer, just watching a live game of this national sport makes your trip to Berlin all worth it.

There are an abundance of indoor swimming pools in Berlin, and beaches of Wannsee and Tegeler See in West Berlin, or to the Grosser Müggelsee in East Berlin. All these are frequented by both locals and tourists alike during the summer, so you can enjoy the feeling of being immersed and cooled off in the summer heat.

If this racquet sport has always interested you, then you may also visit any of the city’s tennis courts and build up a sweat while hitting some balls with family, friends, or maybe even complete strangers.
And if you just prefer to be on the sideline, watching, then Berlin sports the German Women’s Open tennis tournament, so you may opt to time your trip to coincide with the matches and final games.

Other Venues
With over more than a combined 3,000 stadiums, sports halls, and playing fields scattered although out the city, you main problem might not be looking for a place to work out, but WHERE to go! There is even an indoor bicycle racing track here, located at the Velodrom, one of the biggest stadiums of Berlin.
There is also the indoor stadium O2 World, a multi-purpose sports stadium where Berlin sports fans gather in the thousands – as this stadium can seat up to 17,000 people – to watch basketball, ice hockey, or handball matches. At times, this sports venue also plays host to concerts from international stars like Metallica, Alicia Keys, and Coldplay. O2 World is the second largest stadium in Berlin.