If shopping is your game, you’re in a treat when you get to Berlin. You would be amazed at what you will find and how much you can bargain at every Berlin market. You better be used to bargaining to be able to buy more things with your money. Whether it is souvenirs or fashionable clothes you are looking for, going to a Berlin market would certainly satisfy your needs.

Strabe des 17 Juni
This is the biggest among flea markets in Berlin. It is also one of the most visited by tourists so it is really a must visit Berlin market. When you schedule your shopping, make sure you include this street flea market. If you love arts and handicrafts, you will be delighted when you see about half of the shops here that specialize in antiques, arts and handicrafts.
The other part is quite like your other Berlin market but shops here usually carry more high-end second hand items. What’s important is you are able to speak a little of German. This will certainly give you an advantage at the time of bargaining. With the many tourists flocking to this Berlin market, you should come early to be able to peruse the stalls more freely for a while when others have yet to arrive.

This Berlin market is located right at Mitte. Besides the shopping, coming to this area is quite a pleasant experience. You can either brave the market stalls and haggle with the stall owner for a treasure you just found or you can spend a leisurely and restful morning at one of the cafes around the flea market.
Of course, if you love shopping you would not be able to resist the tempting goodies waiting to be discovered and bought by you. You will be able to find some neat furniture and fixtures around. Clothes are certainly abundant here too. Sixties and seventies items are also some of the highlights of this Berlin market.

Boghagener Platz
This Berlin market is quite popular with the professionals. You will mostly find many people’s junk here. You will see the in thing of the past season sold here as other people don’t need them anymore. Just as something becomes “not so hip” anymore, expect to see them here. Some people also sell their collections here. Since people most typically don’t need the items they sell anymore you would have better chances of succeeding in your haggling.
These are only three of the most visited Berlin market. So if you ever get to Germany try visiting them too. You will not only have fun but you will have many things to bring when you go back home.