If you have been captivated by the beautiful spots in Berlin; then, you should also see it’s fashion. Berlin fashion will truly enthrall you. As a proof, you may take a closer glimpse to Berlin fashion week. This will let you see the unique ideas of designers in this place.

The Spring 2009 Runway Shows
Runway shows is one of the best shows to catch when you are here in Berlin, especially if you are a chic. In this event you will witness how ingenious are the ideas of Berliner designers as they exhibit their crafts through high-end garment production. Surely, you will be amazed as you see how they deliver a complete, head-to-toe, full package look that comes with awesome styling, make-up artistry, stunning shoes, accessory coordination, as well as hair.
You will be more amazed once you see the highlight of the event—the scene when models start to display the flash of different designer’s collection. Mark this; your amazement is for sure because even fashion editors, buyers, and journalists are constantly being captivated by the chain displays of beautiful garment creations. The fact that every designer who joins in this five minutes long runway show takes almost six months to prepare is enough to guarantee you that this is an event that should never be missed here in Berlin.

The Burning Berlin Fashion
So, what can you expect to see in almost five minutes long runway show? Well, you can expect to see a diverse stage to stare upon potential exquisite trend just like what was shown in Spring 2009. If you miss this event you can still catch it the next time you come back.
If you are truly a chic, you should never dare miss the show for the styles you will see here will give you an idea how you will carry yourself in particular season. Apart from that, you can also freely imitate the design that will attract your eyes. And if you are creative enough you can also do your own style from the fashion idea that you will witness on the said occasion.
The Terrific Model Who Walked With Irresistible Glamour in Runway Shows
Slavna Martinovic is a terrific model who ramps on the stage with overpowering beauty. Last time in Spring 2009, she showed up in runway with bold and mysterious look. You should see this lady in any of Berlin fashion show if you would like to know how to project your fashion and beauty with real charm.