If there’s one city where gays are most welcome, it would have to be Berlin. Berlin gays need not be afraid of being discriminated or laughed at in this city. In fact, Berlin gays thrive in the many parts of the city as gay social life and gay relationships are taken as an ordinary part of the society.
If you are gay, going to Berlin would be such a relief. You can act as yourself and don’t really have to hide or be conscious. You and your partner can stroll hand in hand around the city and be affectionate in public. You can also hang out at some bar or café.

Anderes Ufer

This is your ordinary café in the afternoon where you can laze away some time reading newspapers and drinking coffee. Nevertheless, you would love the interiors consisting of colorful walls and gold-framed mirrors. The mixture of the contemporary with the classic design just creates a great atmosphere for a good hang out. It is not a wonder how the gay scene slowly unfolds in Anderes Ufer come evening time.

Café Berio
This is very popular among Berlin gays. It would be up to you find out why. One thing you will definitely enjoy though is hanging out in the sun at their patio when the weather permits it. Designed with white walls and floors made of hard wood, the ambiance is just great for quick drinks before going to bars and clubs. Berlin gays normally meet up here before heading to their parties and socialization.
Eastside-Gayllery Shop and Pension
If you need a nice and neat place to stay, this pension is quite a good choice for Berlin gays. It is very accessible by metro and rooms are concealed at the back courtyards. The amenities are great so you will be comfortable staying here.
If you need to send postcards, the shop is certainly full of them. There are also some jewelry and artwork. If you want to watch some videos, the shop sells and rents them too.
Romeo Nightbar
If you are a night person, this is the bar for you. You will enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the candle lit tables. To wind down after a busy night of going around bars and drinking with friends, you can come here and finish the night together with the other gay night crawlers.

Activities for Berlin Gays

The city is not just full of hang out places for Berlin gays. Festivals and other activities are also scheduled for the Berlin gays to enjoy.
The Gay Pride Week is one of the most important activities for Berlin gays. While the focus of the activity is on the rights of the Berlin gays, it usually ends with a big party for the gays.
Aside from this, you could also time your vacation for the Come-Together-Cup. Also featured on the same season is the Lesbisch-Schwules Stadtfest which is also held on the month of June.