Berlin is known as the capital of German and you were surely taught by your teacher in Social Study about this. But do you also know that Berlin is also the capital of German nightlife? Hopefully, you do because Berlin clubs are amazingly making the city as a great night out—not just for Germans but also for tourists.

So, if you also want to see a city that never sleeps; then, you should visit the progressive, underground, and hip clubs that tower here in Berlin. There are numbers of clubs to choose from. There is Electro and Pop, contemporary live music, Indie, and Rock.

It is not surprising if you are feeling excited now to hit the dance floor in one of these clubs and enjoy their inexpensive and unforgettable night offers as you visit this city. However, just before you set off to search for great clubs in this place, you better read some guides to seize a whole night of dancing. Find out the best time to visit these clubs, know what to wear, and discover the finest club in this city.

The Best Time to Go in Berlin Clubs

The clubs here in Berlin are lifeless before midnight so you should go here at around 2 a.m.; this is the time when they all come to life. In fact, many of the clubs here keep their doors close until 11 p.m. But as soon as they open, you can straightly hit the dance floor until you lose your last energy because clubs here have no fixed closing hours.

Fashion and Purse Style Guide before Going to the Club

Of course, it is best to swing your body on the dance floor if you are wearing trendy clothing? So, what is trendy in these clubs? There are actually none; you are very free to flaunt your style that will beat the outfit of others.
Similarly, there is nothing for you to worry for the style of your purse as well. Many of the clubs here charge 5 to 12 Euro only, so you can have a raving night without breaking your bank.

Discovering the Best Clubs in Berlin

There are numbers of splendid clubs there, so to find the best clubs you can check out the weekly magazines of Berlin. You may look into Tip and Zitty to search for the club lists; you may also refer to Berlin’s English language paper, The Ex-Berliner. If not, you can just visit the districts that are famous for having vibrant club scenes such as Kreuzberg, Mitte, Friedrichshain, and Prenzlauer Berg.