One of the most exciting and happening things you can experience in Berlin is going to Berlin bars. These places are noted for their mix of foreign and cultural mix. There are lots of Berlin bars which could offer you the nightlife you wanted or may have expected to experience while you are there. However, there are a few preparations that you must do first before you go off hopping at Berlin bars.

1. Do some research.
If you are going on your own planned trip to Berlin then one of the biggest mistakes you can commit is to think that you can learn everything once you get there. Some of the Berlin bars actually put up their own website online complete with a map that tells you where to find them. Aside from making this a way to make them more marketed among locals, this would also be of great help to foreigners who might have been in Berlin for the first time. By doing your homework, you can also have a shortlist of the Berlin bars you can visit. At least you know something about the bar before you go off visiting it.
2. Choose the crowd.
Of course, Berlin bars have their own vibe and atmosphere. If you wanted to spend the night away in some cozy bar you might not get this if you enter a dance club. So try to make up your mind on the types of Berlin bars you want to visit before going off. You can also try sampling different types of Berlin bars as you are there but it might be better if you plan it before plunging right onto it since you are also in a foreign land and would most likely be meeting lots of strangers along the way.

3. Go bar-hopping!
Do not limit yourself with just one bar. Cover as much Berlin bars as your schedule and your budget will permit you. This is one of the best ways in which you can truly enjoy the Berlin nightlife so make the most out of it. Ask for recommendations from friends and locals living in Berlin and try to see for yourself the real score with those recommended Berlin bars. Just keep in mind that should you go ahead and do some serious bar-hopping, do it with someone or with a Berlin local who is your friend. At least you are kept safe throughout your barhopping experience.