Music in Berlin cannot be described in one word and could not be put in one box. It has a variety that caters to everyone’s taste may it be opera or mainstream music. When it comes to music, Berliners don’t like to do anything halfway.

Music opera in Berlin
Berlin takes pride in its love for opera music. This is the reason why there are so many opera houses for people who can’t get enough of the various classical repertoire and performances.
There is the Die Staatsoper Unter den Linden or the Berlin State Opera which is considered to be most popular opera companies in all of Germany. This opera house is also claimed to be the most beautiful among opera houses in the world. Architect von Knobelsdorf built it during the reign of Friedrich in 1741.
There is also the Die Komische Oper Berlin, which presents German language productions, mainly operas, operettas and musicals. It also emphasizes works from Mozart and Händel and also compositions from the Slavic repertoire of the twentieth century.
Another well-known opera house is the Die Deutsche Oper, which was used to be in Cold War West Berlin. It was constructed after 1945 and is home to its own opera company and the Staatsballett Berlin. This opera house offers an outstanding acoustic quality with modern seating arrangement. The repertoire is huge and varied such as Debussy to Weil and others.

Electronic and mainstream music in Berlin

For the young and modern, electronic and mainstream music in Berlin might be more interesting. If you are a dance freak, Berlin might just be your heaven. It has so many electronic dance clubs that you really need time to explore all of them.
Many people say that the music preferences in Berlin tends to be nostalgic and wants to go back to dark atmosphere of the past before the stylish 1990s. Also, there are many diverse groups of young people who have built underground dance communities based on past and ideas.
As said before, you can never define what Berlin music is because of its diversity. You might want the classical repertoire, then you can explore the different programs being offered for the season. Or you might want the rave music, house to trance, hardcore techno, trance and others. You might also prefer the chill out and ambient music.
Music styles in Berlin will continue to evolve, so why don’t you explore the different sides of Berlin music and have the best time of your life.