There are more than 140 museums in Berlin that you might get confused which ones to choose. Naturally, you won’t be able to see all off them even if you stay longer in Berlin. You need time to absorb what each museum is presenting. Here is a list of recommended museums that you might want to see.

Museumsinsel or the Museum’s Island

This is an area in Berlin that has a cluster of five important museums, namely: the Alte Museum which showcases sculpture and collection of ancient artworks, Neue Museum which presents the history of mankind, the Alte Nationalgalerie, the Bodemuseum and the Pergamonmuseum which contains the Roman gate from Melit, the alter of Zeus from Pergamon and others.

Erotik Museum
This museum is quite interesting because it features Beate Uhse. She opened the first shop on marital hygiene and also championed the right to sell contraceptive. Downstairs of the museum you will see video cabins of various sex themes.
The museum also houses 5,000 sexual artifacts from around the world may it be from Asian and Indian miniatures of erotic positions, African fertility masks or Chinese wedding tiles from the 18th and 19th century.

The Jewish Museum
This is also quite popular because it takes the visitors to the Jewish history in Germany and its difficult relationship with Germany. There are temporary exhibitions, art installations and multimedia stories.

Berlin Film Museum
This museum is for all film buffs that just love to see the whole world cinema in one roof. You can see the evolution of films from the first moving images to the digital film. It also houses important collections on film history, a retrospective section for the Berlinale, special film series, exhibitions and other events.
Whatever your interest is, there is always a museum for you from the German Technology Museum, Naturkunde Museum to Gemaldegalerie Museum.
Tips and Facts
1. Museums in Berlin are considered to be inexpensive. Sometimes, there are also museums that offer free entrance on specific day and time like the Pergamon Museum. It is free for the public on Thursdays late afternoon. Museums in Berlin also have long opening hours, which are extended during the weekend.
2. If you plan to stay longer in Berlin, it is recommended that you buy the Berlin Welcomecard. If you have this, you have free transportation and you can gain access to museums at discounted prices.