Berlin for Free

Often times, if you want to see the sights in Berlin, you should normally be prepared to shell out a fairly large amount of cash. However, with a little careful planning, you can still tour around Berlin without incurring a huge wallop to your wallet. Here are some sites that are cheap to go to, or are free to enter and tour in.

The Reichstag

The Reichstag is the seat of the German Parliament, and you cannot tour Berlin without seeing it. Built in 1894 with a neo-classical designs, the Reichstag has undergone through many renovations, especially after suffering a lot of damage in the war.
You will be sure to find that a trip here will be worthwhile and both entertaining and interesting, as the most recent renovation in 1999 added a glass dome at the very top of the structure. From here you can enjoy a 360 degree view of Berlin, and when you look below, you’ll be able to see the main hall of the parliament.
One important tip for you to remember is to arrive at the gates before 9AM, so you can avoid the rush of tourists that regularly frequent the place. The entrance is absolutely free, but you’ll need to go around the place by yourself, as there are no tour guides.

Treptower Park
If wide open spaces are your thing, then the 230 hectare Trepower Park is the place for you to go. Prepare to be impressed from the very beginning, as you’ll be greeted at the entrance by a huge statue of Mother Russia made out of granite, followed by walls made out of reddish brown marble, with statues of kneeling soldiers in front of it.
At the center of the park is a huge monument to communism, the 1949 Soviet Memorial. It was constructed when East and West were still separate and East Germany was still under communist rule.

Spandau District
Take a blast from the past when you go to the quaint Spandau district, which is a sort of preserved Old German town. It’s narrow streets lined with all sorts of shops are ideal for strolls and some shopping and dining. There is also a three-nave Gothic brick church in the vicinity, but you can only enjoy this sight from the outside, as it is closed to the public. Also in Spandau is the Zitadelle, a well-preserved brick fortress, complete with a moat and bastions. This town is a perfect picturesque place where you and your friends or family can take lots of lovely photographs.