Berlin is one of the few cities in Europe that can offer you great outdoor activities.  There are tons of Berlin biking areas, the majority are located in the  parks.  In fact, the city streets of Berlin have a special lane for bikers making it possible to have a cardio-fit tour of the city.

Here are some tips you might find useful so you can enjoy luxurious biking while you are in Berlin.
Rent a bike in Berlin

The city is very serious about biking that is why you can easily find a bike rental in Berlin.  Just to go to any Metro station and there is surely a bike stand that offers different types of bikes for you to use.
You can also find bike rental listings on the Internet.  Only in Berlin can you find a robust bike rental industry and they advertise it on the net.  Simply reserve a bike and pick it up when you arrive at the city.

Best Places to Enjoy Berlin Bike Riding
If you want thlesome serious biking tour, then you can take advantage of the services offered by famous rental operators such as Fahradstation.  This bike rental service has several branches in and around Berlin.
You can participate in its guided Berlin biking tours which can take you all the way to Potsdam.  If you like, some tours can bring you to several suburban lakes located in the eastern section of Berlin.  Make sure though to reserve a spot in these tours because lots of tourists participate in such activities.
However, if you want to be on your own, just pick up a bike and start circling the main streets of Berlin. The places around Gadachtniskirche have blue bike lanes and there are famous attractions there.
You can also head off to Museum Island located in the eastern part of Berlin. It is very easy to navigate these areas because the streets of Berlin are fairly flat and there are no steep inclines to traverse.