Your trip to Berlin would not be complete if you don’t get a taste of Berlin dining. Food is certainly something you can enjoy 24 hours a day in Berlin. You can even get something to fill your tummy at 3 or 5 in the morning.
Berlin dining is quite exciting because you have a choice among a variety of international cuisines served in various restaurants. Of course, you’ll definitely enjoy trying out the local specialties.
You will find Berlin dining delightful. That’s because you will see that every type of budget has room in the city. You can go for fine Berlin dining. You can also have a taste of the street Berlin dining and enjoy the bustle on the streets.

International Cuisines in Berlin
If you suddenly get a craving for Italian or Chinese cuisine, there’s certainly a restaurant to serve you. That’s the beauty of Berlin dining. You can even have Swedish and French dishes in the city.
If you want American dishes, there’s Nola’s to serve you. Aapka serves Indian dishes while Ganymed Brasserie serves French dishes. And if it’s Australian dishes you want, there’s Restaurant Riehmers for you.

Try the Berlin Cuisine
Since you are in Berlin, why don’t try the Berlin cuisine too. There are dozens of restaurants offering them from fine dining to fast food choices.
One thing you should try is the Boulette which goes well with a mug of Berliner Weisse. You could also take a snack of Bratwurst in a bun. Or perhaps you’d want to take it the Berlin traditional way, the Currywurst.

Cafés in Berlin
If you are a tourist, you should try to enjoy the true atmosphere of Berlin, where else but in the streets. There are a number of cafes lined in the streets where you can get a taste of Berlin dining. You also get to enjoy coffee while seated along the street free to feel and to observe the Berlin streets happenings.
Like the rest of Europe, Berlin is also full of bistros and art cafes. You can enjoy the feel of olden Europe. But you also get a feel of modern Berlin through the Internet cafes that are populating the city. If you want to keep in touch with some people at home, you can do so while enjoying Berlin dining the modern style.

Beer Gardens
The beer gardens are not to be missed. You can sit under some lime trees or under chest nut trees and enjoy beer along Berlin streets. You can laze away the afternoon to rest after a whole morning of shopping and sightseeing.