Berlin theaters can offer spectacular performance for you to make your visit unforgettable.  You can find almost two dozens major theaters within the central districts of Berlin.
Just visit any major Berlin theater any time so you can want to watch and enjoy a magnificent theater production of local and international ensembles.  If you are staying in the Berlin central district, then you need not go far to find an excellent theater that can entertain you.
Here is a partial list of some of Berlin’s famous and world class theaters.

Berlin Kabarett Anstalt Theater
If you are fond of comedies, musical shoes, and theatrical party atmosphere, then the BKA is the best place for you.  This is located at the Berlin-Kreuzberg area in Mehringdamm Street.  It has intimate surroundings and comfortable arm chair seats.
Grips Theater for Children
If you want your children to enjoy Berlin, then bring them to the Grips Theater.  This is the most famous theater for children in the entire world.  Unlike most Berlin Theaters, the productions here purely dedicated for the young tots.
The children’s plays here are usually translated into 40 major languages.  Your children will be delighted by the spectacle presented by the ensembles of Grip Theater.

The Theater of Maxim Gorky
This theater is the best place if you love the works of the famous author and novelist Maxim Gorky.  This is one of the oldest and probably the finest theaters in Berlin.
You can find it at the Mitte district. You will be able to watch contemporary plays here aside from the regular presentations based on Gorky’s works.

Renaissance Theater
You can watch world famous artists and theater performers in this theater.  This is the only theater house in Berlin with an Art Deco design.  That is why you will not only enjoy the productions here; you can also enjoy the exquisite architecture of the Renaissance Theater.
Buying Theater Tickets
If you want a convenient way to buy theater tickets, simply buy it online from Berlin’s online information website.  Or you can also buy tickets at the gate but if the show is very popular, it is always best to buy online and reserve a seat for you and your family.
There are still other excellent Berlin theaters that can entertain you during your stay in the city.  The theater scene of Berlin is very active it is not difficult to find a show suitable for you.