Performing Arts

The Berlin performing arts scene is one of the most vibrant in Europe.  If you are a performing arts aficionado, Berlin is the best place to go because the city offers great opera houses, theaters, and even street performances.

Berlin Street Performance Artists
Visit the Museum Island, which is considered as the heart of Berlin’s art district, so you can enjoy street presentations of various performance artists.
It is best to visit the place in late afternoons or early evenings. At these times, you can witness an extravagant display of artistic performances on almost every street corner of the district.
Just walk around the streets of the district so you can watch jugglers, painters, instrumentalists, singers, and street dancers.  You will certainly have a good time at the arts district of Berlin.

Berlin Opera Houses

The Berlin performing arts scene is also rich in classical presentations.  There are dozens of opera houses in the city where you can enjoy classical music and opera.
Head on to Gendarmenmarkt square to enjoy the performance of world famous Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra at the Concert House.  Nearby is the Philharmonic Hall which offers daily performances of classical presentations.
You can also visit the Deutsche Oper Berlin which is located at Bismarckstr at Berlin-Charlottenburg.  This opera house will delight you with world class performances of Berlin and International opera singers.

Great Places for the Theater Buffs
Berlin Theater is famous for its tragedies and avant-garde contemporary dramas and comedies. You can certainly enjoy superb productions from several local and international groups performing at Berlin’s theaters.
Take a walk at the Berlin-Mitte and you find the theater house of the Berlin Ensemble. This is a historic place and hosts excellent productions since the 18th century.  You can enjoy unforgettable daily performances here from some of the world’s finest theater groups.
The Deutsche Theater, which is located also at Berlin-Mitte, is the ultimate theater venue in Germany.  This has an elegant and massive structure so simply visiting the place is good enough.
But if you want to have an unforgettable visit, you must watch the controversial theater productions hosted by the facility.  Famous theater directors Robert Wilson and Peter Zadek usually mount their productions here so you better not miss their excellent performances while you’re in Berlin.
Any time of the year, the Berlin performing arts scene is at its peak.  You can visit Berlin anytime and enjoy excellent opera and theater performances of international and German artists.