Top Attractions

Is it your first time to visit Germany’s capital which is Berlin? Whether you’re a returning visitor or a first time tourist, this wonderful city has a lot to offer, both for the modernists and the history-lovers at heart.

The Top Berlin Attractions that Every Tourist Must See!

The city of Berlin is a place which is oozing with history. It’s practically a living, breathing museum because every street, ruin or building has a history behind it. Although it’s pretty difficult to come up with a top list of the Berlin attractions that every tourist must see, let us try and narrow it down to a few structural wonders worth visiting:

– The Berlin Wall
Although you can barely see traces of what the Berlin Wall as a structure used to be – visiting the spot which is chock full of history is still a great way to pay homage to everything that the city of Berlin has gone through, and now represents.
–  The Berlin Wall Museum
History buffs would have a blast visiting the Berlin Wall Museum. It is situated right beside another tourist spot which is Checkpoint Charlie. The museum outlines a detailed history of the Berlin Wall and every other important event which occurred during the dark days of Berlin and Germany in general.

– Checkpoint Charlie
Those who would remember a bit from what they learned when visiting the Berlin Wall Museum would recall Checkpoint Charlie. This is the border where warring Russians and Americans stood when the Berlin Wall was created in August of 1961.

– The Bradenburg Gate
Yet another famous tourist destination which is worth checking out in Berlin is the Bradenburg Gate. This is where the people from the medieval times used to pass and it’s one of the most prominent symbols of Berlin as a city.

– The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church
This towering religious structure is located at the center of the former West Berlin, the walls of which are made from blue-colored glass bricks which make for one dazzling sight.

– Potzdamer Platz
Those who are looking for a modern European structure will find the Potzdamer Platz to be perfect. It was once the busiest crossings in Europe which was completely destroyed after the war. Today, it’s a commercial center which is fast becoming one of the liveliest squares in the region again.
Other Berlin Attractions which are Worth a Visit
The other Berlin attractions which are worth a visit include the Reichstag, the palace of Schloss Charlottenburg, Nikolaiviertel, Alexanderplatz, the Holocaust Memorial, Berlin Zoo, the Museum Island and the Europa Center.
No matter how long or short your visit is to Berlin, you will not be lacking when it comes to the dozens of modern and historical sights that you can visit.