Berlin, Germany

No European tour will ever be complete without a stop to Berlin, Germany’s largest city and one of the region’s finest. Visitors from nearby United Kingdom have long been soaking the sights and sounds that the vibrant city of Berlin has to offer. No matter which part of the world it is that you are in, visiting Berlin can be a short part of your trip or the main highlight of your stay.
For example, if you’re from a nearby country or city, you can stop by Berlin for a hedonistic weekend where you can sample the food, drinks and have a taste of the nightlife. It’s even better if you can spend your entire vacation in Berlin so that you learn more about its dark yet fascinating history, or travel off-the-beaten paths to have a look at the nooks and crannies that only the adventurous will have the pleasure to discover.

Berlin Information Guide: Key Dates in the History of the City
The earliest written reference to Berlin was recorded in 1237 and it was in 1411 that the City Castle of Stadtschloss in the city was constructed.  Between 1618 and 1648, a thirty-year war occurred when Berlin was reduced to an insignificant town.
The following century saw the growth of Berlin as the third-largest city in the European region.  The destruction of Berlin occurred in 1945 during the Second World War and it was in 1961 that the infamous Berlin Wall was built by East Germany to prevent citizens from fleeing to the richer part of West Berlin.
It was only in 1989 that the East-West border opened and the previously separated parts of the city merged into one. The reuniting of Germany was formally conducted on October 3, 1990 and in 1999, the city of Berlin took its deserved role again as the German capital.

Berlin Information: An Introductory Guide to All Things Berlin
Now that you have an idea about the historical Berlin information, what else do you need to keep in mind when paying this vibrant and historical city a visit? First, rest up during the day because this is one city with a dazzling nightlife that caters to every partygoer’s tastes.
Those who want to learn more about the rich history of Berlin can include a visit to one of the 170 museums in the city as part of their traveler’s itinerary. Naturally, there’s always the food, drinks, sights and the local culture to soak in.
True enough, Berlin is practically your one-stop-shop if you’re a traveler who is looking for a mixture of history, modernity and all the other delights that the city has to offer.