When to visit Berlin ?

Typical travelers who stick to an itinerary when sightseeing to a particular country usually plan their trip in advance. If you are planning to pay a visit to Germany’s capital and largest city which is Berlin, it’s good to have an idea about when to go.
For example, if the weather during a particular time of the year is cold in your country while that same time of the month is the summer season in Berlin – then you can pack your bags and not suffer the cold anymore! Planning exactly when your trip to a particular city should be is the best way to maximize the time that you will spend there.
Nobody would want to sightsee during a gloomy weather, so it’s best to visit when the climate is just right.

Visiting Berlin? When to Go & the Reasons to Visit
Now, when it comes to Berlin – there’s a myriad of reasons why people flock to this city.  The mere fact that the Berlin Wall and the city itself has bared witness to the dark history that Germany has is reason enough to soak in the remaining historical sights in Berlin.
The infamous Berlin Wall is one example of the rich history that the country has gone through – although you can barely see traces of it now. When you add to this the local culture, the food and drinks, the lively nightlife and the quaint charm of the city, it’s no wonder why Berlin has remained to be the most vibrant cities this part of Europe.

Visiting Berlin: When to Go to Have the Best Sightseeing & ‘Celebrating’ Climate

So when exactly is the best time to visit Berlin?  Generally, you can book for flights during the long summer months which are from the beginning of June to the last part of August.
Those who love fun and parades would have a blast visiting Berlin during the month of June, when the Christopher Street Day gay and lesbian parade is held.
Those who want to have a listen to what the music industry has to offer can participate in the Berlin Jazz Festival which is held during November. Meanwhile, the Berlin Carnival Costume Parade attracts more than 3,000 participants and it is usually held during the first week of February. You can also celebrate with the locals during the German Unification Day, held on October 3rd of every year.
There’s practically a festival which is being held every month – and Berlin is large enough to accommodate the influx of tourists – so go ahead and book a trip to Berlin at any time of the year, and experience what this vibrant city has to offer!