The People

When visiting any place in the world, one of the best parts of your traveling experience is having the opportunity to mingle with the locals.  Let’s say that you’re traveling to Ireland. Your visit there will never be complete without grabbing the chance to have a drink in an Irish pub while mixing with the locals.
This is the reason why it’s good practice to at least get the basic information about the temperament, culture and common practices of the people at the place that you’re traveling to.
Take a look at the following crash course on all the basics that you need to know about the people of Berlin when you’re paying this vibrant city a visit.

An Introduction to the People of Berlin

Although it’s difficult to generalize the characteristics of the people from Berlin, it can easily be portrayed by the motto that they have for describing their land, which is “das Land der Dichter und Denker”.  This translates to Germany being the land of poets and thinkers.
Generally, the German people are orderly, efficient, clean, industrious, warm and friendly. There’s one particular region in Germany which seem to have their own set of values and way of life – and this is Bavaria. The differences include their stand on religion, the importance that food and drinks play in their culture, and their languages and dialects.
Now, when it comes to the people of Berlin, the mere fact that it is the capital city and has one of the largest populations in Germany make it a melting pot of sorts. As such, you will find a pleasant mix of different cultures and personalities when you pay this amazing city a visit.

Making that Initial Contact

To make that initial contact with Berlin people, all you need to do is utter a simple “Wie geht’s” or “How are you?” The people from Berlin are not afraid to voice out their opinions – so be prepared to encounter a flurry of excited German enunciation when you ask them where the best sausage in the city can be eaten.

Familiarizing Yourself with the Interests of the People of Berlin

When exploring the different parts of Berlin, you can indulge in the same activities that Berlin people consider to be their pastimes: treating yourself to a sumptuous, leisurely meal at a famous local restaurant, taking in the wonderful sights, having a taste of the country’s art and culture – and partying until dawn.
One other motto of Berliners which depict the way that they live is “Jeder nach seiner Façon” – which roughly translates to “Live and let live”. So no matter what sort of lifestyle it is that you’re living or interests it is that you have – Berlin is just the place to be whoever you want to be!