Visiting Berlin is quite an exciting vacation. For one, you get to see the places you only read in books. You would be where history actually happened.
What’s quite exciting is that you will also experience the modern side of Germany. If you suddenly have a craving for an exciting nightlife you can have it to your heart’s delight. You can also experience the feel of European cafes that are all around the city.
All of these spots and establishments are scattered in different Berlin areas. You will certainly find it a delight to visit all the Berlin areas when you see what each has to offer.
Historically, there were about 23 small districts in the city. However, they were regrouped so you will now hear of the 12 boroughs. You should visit at least some of the Berlin areas in order to get to know the city better.

Mitte: At the Center of It All

Mitte is the center of Berlin both geographically and historically. Interestingly, Mitte actually means middle. If you want to get a taste of the lively part of Berlin, this is the place to be.
It is quite accessible by train since it is near subway stations. It’s easy to go to the establishments that are stationed there.  You would love the art galleries that are in the area. Also you should not miss the great restaurants there too. In fact, you can also live in one of those old buildings that were turned into hotels.


Being approximately next to Mitte, this borough is quite as exciting. There are also quite so many clubs and bars in the area. You should also visit the museums that are in Kreuzberg near the boundary of Mitte.
This area is generally full of the young people of the west. There are also many artists and Turkish immigrants in the area. So you will observe that the area is even noisier than the other parts of Berlin.


When you go to Schoneberg you would observe that the place is relatively the haven of aging hippies. Young families also reside and hang out in the area as well.
However, what you might truly enjoy there are the cafes on the streets. You might also have fun at the Saturday markets which they are famous for.


If you want to see the affluent side of Berlin, you are in the right place. This is definitely the wealthiest as well as the greenest area in the city. It is where you will see the biggest university as well. What you should not miss out seeing though are the museums and the historical structures that are in this part of Berlin.