Going to Berlin is quite exciting. You would observe the striking differences between the old and the modern structure as you traverse from the east to the west of the city. What was once plagued by the stigma of the Nazi Era is certainly now a city worth visiting.
As with any city you visit the interesting parts of the Berlin geography is closely linked to its history. What you see now is the regeneration of a city that rose to the occasion of renewal along with the destruction of the Berlin Wall.

A Little about Berlin
Berlin is the country’s largest city. And so you should expect the variety of landscapes and establishments within. Since part of the Berlin geography and history is the previous division of east from the west, all the more that you will see variety and yet exciting must see places and tourists spots during your visit.
It was after the fall of the Berlin Wall that Berlin started changing and rebuilding. You’d certainly enjoy the architecture of the city. You would even enjoy more what is inside the buildings and more so the happenings during the day and at night as well.

Berlin Today
Today Berlin is known to be a city with a bustling nightlife. You would observe that it has become a typical European city, full of cafes and bars. Apart from that you would never miss the many art museums, palaces and other spots of historical significance. All of these are part of the Berlin geography today.
So when you visit Berlin you get to have your dose of history. But you would also enjoy the various activities and the numerous clubs you can visit. Of course, you should not forget the great restaurants that are scattered all over Berlin ready to serve you at any time of day or night.

Berlin Geography Explained

Well, the Berlin geography is quite interesting because of its size. It is a city where you would certainly have tons of places to visit because it has around 23 districts in the city. Imagine having to visit more than one downtown area. This would certainly make your vacation so exciting. And what’s even more is the distinct culture and style you would experience in every district you visit.
With such a fascinating history and such an interesting Berlin geography, it’s not a wonder why Berlin is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Visiting Berlin is surely a vacation you will remember always.