What to do in Berlin if you just stay for one day?

Berlin, Germany¬† is a wonderful city that is packed with history. Visitor’s to the city are in for a very agreeable and educational visit. Certainly, many prefer to take a leisurely tour around the city. However, those that only have 24 hours or a day might wish to take in all the best sites in one rapid session. This is actually very possible, with the right planning. Here is the scenario: you have only one day to spend in Berlin. What are the must see sites? Let’s take a closer look. You can reach any of them in a few minutes if you take a Berlin airport taxi, available in Tegel and Sh√∂nefeld. This kind of transportation is ideal if you’re traveling with family, because they are private transfers (only for your group, you don’t have to share it with others).

Check Point Charlie
A lot of people think that Check Point Charlie has seen its day and fallen out of favor. The exact opposite is true. This is still a major tourist point that is well-worth checking out. This is the area that once divided the East and West Berlin Wall. A large number of people risked their lives to make it over the walls to freedom.

Holocaust Memorial
A trip to Berlin is not complete without a trip to view the Holocaust Memorial. It was built to remember those of Jewish heritage that were killed in the Holocaust. It was completed in 2004.

Berlin Wall Documentation Center
This tourist spot is not as popular as the Check Point Charlie spot. However, it is a very interesting spot for those interested in the city’s history. The museum reopened to the public in November, 2014. Admission is free. The museum shares personal films and documentations on desperate attempts by people to find freedom on the other side of the Berlin Wall.

East Side Gallery
This is one of the few remaining sections of the Berlin Wall. It is also an open art gallery that contains the work of hundreds of artists across the world. Take the time to visit this historical piece of art and take plenty of pictures.

Fernsehturm Tower Berlin

Fernsehturm TV Tower
Would you like to see a remarkable view of Berlin? Purchase tickets and take a ride to the top of the TV Tower. The TV Tower is right in central Berlin. The Tower was built to represent the new Berlin. Numerous movies, films, and television programs have used this spot to symbolically represent Berlin.